Classic Customizable Android Set-top Box


ATV495X is a geniatech ultra-thin TV Android box, which can play 4K ultra-high-definition resolution video and the latest HDR standard, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs, and you can freely install various application software.


Good heat dissipation effect

Smooth network

Personalized customization

Rich Interfaces and High Cost Performance

  • • Video output:1 * HDMI+1 * CVBS
  • • Audio output:1 * HDMI+1 * RCA+1 * BT
  • • USB:2 * USB 2.0
  • • LAN:RJ45 Ethernet interface
  • • Wifi:IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4G/5.8G (Optional)
  • • TF * 1

Good Heat Dissipation

The honeycomb hole design is adopted in the middle of the bottom shell where the heat is concentrated, and the temperature rise is low for long-term high-frequency operation, so that the heat can be dissipated in time, and the design is one step ahead.

Smooth Network

The overall beautiful built-in dual-frequency antenna, signal coverage in all directions, the speed can reach 250Mbits/sec, and you can watching TV smoothly

Support Personalized Customization

Optional hardware configuration:

Provide SDK secondary development: customers can compile sensitive requirements by themselves

MDM customization (remote device management): remotely collect device status information and control
the device (update firmware, uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time

APP customization: easy to realize customer’s customized requirements, safe, fast and low-cost.

Product Connection Diagram

Application Scenarios

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