Geniatech M3 Android4.0_20120615 Upgrading Instruction

Geniatech M3 Android4.0_20120615 Upgrading Instruction

Aug.18,2012   |   Ken

Geniatech has a new firmware for M3 box (all B series boxes, such as ATV310B, ATV510B..), the version is 20120615.

How to upgrade online:
Run upgrade app, if the Automatic update option has been selected as default, it will upgrade the new firmware version automatically after restarting the box.

You also can cancel Automatic update and choose Manual update now option to upgrade. It will remind you that the box find a new version, click OK to upgrade.

If there is no new firmware version found, please upgrade with below file firstly by manual.

Download and copy the file to SD card directly, insert SD card to the box, run upgrade app, click Update system now and choose this file to upgrade.

After finished, run upgrade app and choose Automatic update or Manual update now to upgrade firmware by online. And then, you will find Uboot version is 20120613, build number is 20120615.

If online upgrade is slow, you also can download the firmware from below link:
Download and don’t unzip, copy to SD card, and run upgrade->select local update to upgrade

Fixed problems:
1. Modified mouse icon.
2. Optimized OSD.
3. Added standby function, press power button on box / infrared remote control for standby and wake up, press power button on 2.4G remote control for standby.
4. Supported CVBS output, the default is NTSC 480i CVBS, there is an option in setting->display->CVBS mode.
5. Fixed AC3 and DTS can’t be played issue.
6. Added external subtitles support in Movie player.
7. Added region selection for Google play store in setting->Developer options->set market region.

HiDTV app for 20120611 firmware version:
Download and unzip the file, you will see HiDTV_M3_1.9.9.apk.

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