Geniatech Invited to Rockchip Developer Conference for New Chapter in AIoT Field

With the deep integration of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies, the AIoT field is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. As an industry leader, Rockchip held the 8th Rockchip Developer Conference (RKDC2024) from March 7 to 8, 2024 in Fuzhou. With the theme of “AI Chip – AI Application – AloT”, the conference focused on the cutting-edge trends of AI chip and AIoT application, and attracted the participation of many technology leaders and industry elites. As an important eco-partner of Geniatech was also invited to participate in this event.

This year’s conference has a lot of highlights, not only there are 13 major chip application demonstrations, 9 product and technology forums, 4 practical Workshops and 45 eco-partners’ technology demonstrations, there will also be a new generation of AIoT processor RK3576 and peripheral chips and other new product releases, to provide multi-scenarios of AI applications, and to bring a more efficient, stable and reliable AI solutions for thousands of lines of work and hundreds of industries.

Geniatech has been focusing on the research and development and promotion of ARM embedded intelligent products for more than 20 years, and its products are widely used in industrial IoT, intelligent medical care, environmental protection and energy storage, smart home, intelligent transportation, digital retail, intelligent education and other fields. We have developed and provided ARM embedded system products and ODM services for more than 2,000 industrial customers in nearly 100 countries around the world, and have received unanimous praise and recognition from customers. Participating in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Development Conference, Geniatech will  discuss the new needs and challenges in the AIoT field with the attendees.

Geniatech and Rockchip have been cooperating for many years. Based on the common development concept and technical advantages, both parties have launched in-depth cooperation in the field of AI chips and AIoT. Based on Rexchip’s PX30, RK3128, RK3288, RK3399, RK3566, RK3568, RK3588 and other series of chips, Geniatech has successfully launched dozens of product solutions, including core boards, development boards, industrial PCs, industrial tablets, and e-ink notepads, etc., and has gained a very good response and recognition in the market. In the future, Geniatech will continue to work closely with partners such as Rockchip to promote technological innovation and application landing in the field of AIoT, and work together to create a new chapter in the field of AIoT in the new era of digital intelligence.

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