Cost-effective solutions always rely on multiple technologies. This is why Geniatech works with a multitude of science and technology partners in the development.
OEM/ODM Services
Geniatech has focused on the Android TV Boxes since 2010, thus we have accumulated a lot of OEM and ODM customization experience. What’s more, we can even modify the kernel bases on customer’s demand, and generate special API/SDK
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If you want to develop your Android TV Box, HDMI Stick, Digital TV Tuner and Mini PC etc, Please contact us.
Customization Services
Geniatech offers Hardware Design Services, Software Design Services, Module Design Services, System Solutions Design Services for industry, such as digital signage, hospitality, health care, POS, education, etc.
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If you need a custom designed solution, or perhaps you have an idea but not quite sure if it can be done. Please contact us.

Some of our capabilities
Hardware Customization
We design our own hardware and we are fully capable to fulfill your requirements.
System Development
We are capable of doing Kemel customization, driver porting and release source code for your second development.
Application Development
Our application development team can not only provide customized launcher, but also develop applications for DVB, HDMI-input, TR069 and other functions that you are interested in.
Our devide is ready for Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Verimartrix which are widely used for streaming high quality video over the internet.
Android-based Embedded System Development
Geniatech has been creating customized versions of the Android operating system and devices since 2010, we can deliver embedded platform and runtime environments designed to enable you to efficiently and quickly move from concept to release. We provide you with all the components needed to create your embedded system using Geniatech SoC devices, including tools for profiling and debug, open source and bare metal drivers, and multiple runtime & Multi-OS environments.
Development Board and Module
From concept to product production, Geniatech SoC boards and modules, provide you with an out-of-the box hardware platform to both speed your development time and enhance your productivity. Whether you are in the concept phase and looking for a development board or complete kit, or wanting to speed time-to-market and lower risk with a production board or module, Geniatech and its ecosystem partners offer the industry’s most comprehensive set of hardware platforms to help speed your time-to-revenue.

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– New product require
– Industry trend
– Payment term
– Pricing support
– Delivery support
– Market trend Promotion support


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