Mar.14,2017   |   Monica

What is TR069?
CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) TR069 was designed by the Broadband Fotum (BBF) to standardize managenment of devices.
TR069 encompasses secure auto-configuration and other CPE management functions within a common framework. it represents on opplication layer protocol, which usually communicates with an auto-configuration-server(ACS).

The major TR-069 management functions covered are:
– Device provisioning for internet access,WiFi ,VoIP,Video and data services.
– Quality of Service(QoS) Management
– Configuration management
– Fireware upgrades management
– Performance monitaring
– Diagnostics and troubleshooting
– Local Management application

Deliver A Competitive Service For Triple Play Offerings
Delivering a competitive (voice, video, data and wireless) service is an enormous technical, operational and business challenge for today’s service providers. To attract new customers as well as to reduce customer churn, service providers must be able to offer these services with the best user experience possible at a competitive price point.

On the other hand, efficient and effective Device Management is a challenging and sometimes elusive endeavour. Types of devices that require management are constantly changing and ever increasing!

Couple that with the need to support legacy systems and it becomes obvious that a carrier-grade Device Management platform must not only

– be scalable, but also
– flexible and
– adaptive

to absorb this dynamic growing complexity.

This is the motivation and claim of TR-069, which is one central building block in a carrier-grade Device Management solution architecture.

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