Worker Safety

Demands and Benefit

IoT technology can increase workplace safety by identifying potential hazards before they become problems. Sensors monitor equipment and alert staff to possible issues in real-time, allowing companies to make repairs before worker safety is compromised. IoT wearables can even track employee health by monitoring temperature, position, light, noise and air quality levels, reducing the risk of employees working in extreme environments or with dangerous materials. With environmental monitoring, companies can better detect unsafe working conditions, while advanced data analysis solutions provide detailed information that supervisors can use to address safety concerns and prevent future incidents.

Challenges and Gaps

  • Fragmented Industries

    Different industries have their own specialties, even they all need basic IoT structure.

  • Multilayer technologies involved

    Senors,nodes, gateway, apps, cloud, analytics and RF protocols,they are all need in the worker safety platform,and hard to find a company to supply all of them, thus it is very complicated to make such a system by one company.

  • DIY or 3rd party

    Bases on above points, only huge giants company can do it all by themselves, but if all out sourcing by 3rd party, also very hard because too many variants inside for the demand from industries are so different and changing quickly.

  • Time and cost

    The demands on worker safety are there and now it is a pain for the companies who need the solutions need to start from stretch and time and cost will be issues for them.

Geniatech ready baked products, software and projects

Geniatech is a company working for this kind of barebone product/project ready for start on a project for worker safety system, including a ready to go to use or custom sensor, firmware with BLE protocol inside, a ready to use and/or customize gateway, and pre-integrated demo code for clouds, and full SDK/API/Documents which is useful for companies who want to build their own solution for worker safety system. Companies can start with what Geniatech has made to fasten their development or leverage Geniatech’s experience and service, to shorten the time to market, lower the cost and risk.

Geniatech Worker safety Barebone system overview

Wearable Sensor device that Geniatech already developed for worker safety

MuSeON v1.1

General Product Information

Geniatech MuSeON v1.1 , based on On Semi SL10 low SoC Power and lowest power BLE Design. The MuSeON v1.1 includes programable Signal Button, five (5) industry grade sensors with highest resolutions to measure and detect and identify environmental conditions, which helps to keep employees under safe conditions, as well help administration to manage, audit and report employees safety conditions to ensure safe working condition.

The Geniatech MuSeON v1.1 serves Companies and Employees with real-time?worker safety?insights for their workplace, as well as using this IoT data and environmental sensors to help improve workplace?safety, drive compliance with?safety?policies, and help protect?workers?and other assets from risks.

Combining the powerful analysis capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT solution, Siemens Mindsphere or Microsoft Azure IoT with the high-quality sensor data and long battery life of Geniatech′s MuSeON v1.1 creates a great solution for remotely monitoring assets & workers with minimal user burden.

More services that Geniatech can provide on worker safety industry

Reference & Know how ready to start

Our team every year creates many reference products,projects, platform and demo solutions for different industries, and we pre-study the solutions for the future demands, bases on these readiness, customer can lower the risk and evaluate Geniatech’s capability quickly and easily.

Internet of Things Node Development

We create complete software ecosystems for the Internet of Things solutions — from mobile apps and cloud infrastructure to low-level software that improves the performance of smart devices and enhances sensor data acquisition.

Cloud App Development

We leverage the rich functionality of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to create scalable back-ends and web applications with complex domain logic, replatform legacy systems and facilitate firmware updates.

Mobile/Web App Development

We offer mobile app development services to startups and established businesses. If you seek professional assistance with your web development projects, our team has the right competence to build robust eCommerce solutions, mobile back-ends,sleek data processing tools, infrastructure for IoT systems,and more!

Electronics Prototyping

From Proof of Concept to prototyping devices using off-the-shelf boards and enclosure, our expert IoT development team will guide you through the laborious hardware ideation process and create a software infrastructure for your connected gadget.

Industrial IoT Consulting

We conduct business analysis to help small and medium-sized companies identify workflow optimization opportunities, present research findings and create scalable and user-friendly software solutions ensuring exponential growth.

Idea to product Development Services

Provides all-inclusive software development services for startups that cover both technology and entrepreneurial side: besides business analysis, coding and prototyping,our team will consult you on presenting your project to investors and fast-track your funding process with MVP development.

Dedicated Development & Staff Augmentation

Our team dedicated development center works with companies looking to extend their on-board capacity without the burden of hiring specialists in-house or missing technology expertise for a specific long-term project.

Production,Certification & testing and Manufacturing

We have our own pilot production and mass production factories, we can fulfill both quick deliver and cost optimization demands on small and big volumes. We offer a in-house testing program and out side 3rd certification testing service for both new products and even a prototype.

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