User Applications and Roles

Jetson Products: Need More Industrialization

  • • Application: By Customer/Developer/Provider
  • • AI Agritourism: From 3rd Party and by developers
  • • AI Engine and AI SDK: Jetpack
  • • Linux OS and Drivers: J4T and Custom build
  • • Device Maintain: MDM
  • • SOM (Jetson Nano)
  • • I/O and Carrier boards
  • • Case, Power supply, Cables, Heat Sink

Jetson Application Demands

  • • Video/Image Input:camera,HDMI input,CVBS input
  • • Network:Hub and Switch
  • • Cooling solution:Fan-less and/or robust FAN cooling system
  • • Robust Industrial Case:Aluminum with expansion
  • • Display Console:Panel with multi-touch
  • • Low Speed I/O:PI/Audrino PIN
  • • Power Supply: POE and Battery Backup

Why Choose Us?

  • • Fast Time To Market: Not only design, but also volume / scaling quantities production
  • • RE-USE of proven IP blocks/Experience, from our being project in design/managed/delivered product lines,shortens our design and development times
  • • Our engineering team provides hardware and software engineering, FPGA, industrial design, mechanical design,certification, burning test, aging test, packaging design and sampling are all in house TO to support industrial project stages EVT/DVT/PVT
  • • Hundreds of market proven products, many which are available within 3-5 business days
  • • Our catalogue of products provide credible examples of our capabilities
  • • Manufacturing in-house, we can control both schedule and quality, smoothly from PVT to mass production.
  • • Typical lead time from signed hardware specification to verified prototype is 8 weeks
  • • Move your development forward on proof of concept hardware while custom design is moving in parallel
Geniatech Modules Can be Used for Jetson
  • • Video input module:HDMI-MIPI, CVBS-USB, SDI-HDMI,FPD-MIPI
  • • Network:Router module and Hub
  • • WiFi module:11 ac 2*2, BT5.1
  • • Storage I/F:PCIe-M2,USB-SATA
  • • Heat Sink:Nano meter carbon heat sink
  • • GTIOT module
  • • Mini Racks:Modular
  • • Touch Screen:MIPI DSI-LVDS
Service and capabilities Geniatech Can Do
  • • ID MD sonsulting /design /mockup sampling /verification /qualification /optimization /mass production
  • • Active and passive cooling solution: sonsulting /design /
    mockup sampling /verification /qualification /optimization /mass production
  • • Carrier board sonsulting /POC /design /mockup sampling /verification /qualification /optimization /mass production
  • • Linux driver porting /testing /qualification /demo code release
  • • Product sonsulting /design /mockup sampling /verification /qualification/optimization /mass production /provisioning /image flash /online testing /assembling /packaging/shipping
  • • Accessory consulting /sample /testing /verification /certification /procurement /co-packng/RMA
  • • Edge Device Management and OTA Manager
  • • L4T system custom build development
  • Full Supply Chain Service and In House
    • • We have an in-house factories and PIE team to do seamless PVT and pilot production. We have a significant investment in our manufacturing equipment – with multiple dual in-line SMT machines supported with Xray, SPI and AOI.
    • • Our cloud based MES can track all the production procedures and trace the supply components, provisioning and every single piece of product unique ID.
    • • Quality ensure team in house to control incoming accessories and components quality
    • • In house procurement team to manage supply chain quality, on time delivery and cost reduction constantly.

    NVIDIA Project Template(typical)

    Expert in Video Input

    AI rely on image capturing and video streaming solutions, one of the key input source is including video capture cards supporting HDMI/VGA/3G-SDI/Composite video sources, Geniatech has rich experience on video capturing on Embedded and PC system, with wide temperature support, fan-less design, and battery power design can be leveraged for Jetson platform.
    Apart from that, Geniatech can provide video application development SDK, and software design services for Linux BSP, drivers, OpenCV and V4L2.

    I/O Hardware and Driver Integration

    Geniatech can provide Jetson-based products high connectivity and can be built with various extension peripheral I/O module and video input modules to enhance the platform’s applicability. Geniatech can assists customers in selecting the appropriate hardware peripherals and importing the required software and drivers into the computing module to allow plug-and-play around the extension modules, variety of I/O expansion modules (ex. HDMI, USB, CANBus and RS-232…etc) and up to 6 FHD or 3 4K camera modules. With those benefits, developers can choose the right hardware peripherals for the demands of AI project development.

    I/O can be added to carrier board

    Linux System Configuration & Integration

    AI projects have a wide variety of applications, as the result, the software, algorithms and drivers are different. Therefore, Geniatech provides software and hardware integration services to directly import BSP, software and drivers into the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform, saving time of installing the software and driver for customers, they can immediately start to develop after acquiring Geniatech’s products. At the same time, Geniatech regularly uploads the latest patch files for customers to download updates, keeping the software and drivers up to date.

    Device Remote Management

    • • Leveraging Geniatech’s EdgeEye device remote management platform , allowing system integrator and device managers effectively and effortless to monitor and manage the distributed edge devices at any time and any location :
    • • Edge devices remote monitoring and control
    • • Device status prediction and notification
    • • Web-design and user-friendly dashboard

    Off the shelf products and Experience

    Case: Jetson Nano Dev Kit Case, ID and MD, mock up and Mass production

    Carrier board for Jeston Nano / NX SOM
    Expansion Board for Jetson Carrier Board
    Jetson Linux (L4T) custom build: Bases on Jetson Nano J4T, can build custom version Linux, can add/remove driver and compile for verification
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