SDK/API for Geniatech Box

SDK for OTT box
We go well beyond the normal version from Amlogic. Our firmware team has made critical changes, like the kernels, libraries with the SDK of our Quad-core Android/Linux box etc. The SDK will help you to make some new and special differences, like system changes, UI changes, setting modifications, CEC settings, definition changes etc.
Support: S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
SDK for Android OTT+DTV player
This is for the software development of Hybrid box, which combines with Set-Top-Box and Tuner. Again, it’s very helpful if you need to make any customization with the Hybrid box from us.
Support: S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
SDK for DTV player
As long as you have your own powerful platform. With this SDK and our DVB T/T2/C, ISDBT, ATSC tuners(on condition that the tuners have been integrated into your platform), you can easily make most modifications.
Voice assistant Luis/Alexa
Support: S905X/S912
Products: APC168/APC390/APC1815H
SDK for HDMI Input
Support: T962
Products: APC168/APC390/APC1815H
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is the control protocol found in HDMI.
Support: S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
Also called ‘Wizard’.
Sample code for Upgrade APK
Upgrade APK inclueds local upgrade and automatic upgrade
MboxSettings APK
This is different from the general settings, it includes CEC switch on/off, definition adjustment, WiFi switch on/off etc.
Support:S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
API for AIDLClient APK
This APK is for getting the CPU ID and serial number.
Sample code for IR Blaster APK
The APK aims to use only one remote to control the channel switch. For example, we can use 2.4G box remote to act as the TV’s remote to change AC channel to HDMI channel etc.
Support:APC168, APC390, APC1815H
The SDK includes CVBS IN, HDMI IN, Analog IN funtions.
Remote IME
It is an application which builds on top of the existing smart devices with operating systems Android OS/ iOS with practicable features that extremely make users feel convenient and easy to use Android TV Box through the Android phone / tablet and iphone/ipad.
Air play and Digital Living Network Alliance allow wireless streaming of audio, video, and photoes, together with related metadata between devices.
Hardware Decoder SDK
To provide Sample Code for TS&ES Buffer broadcasting.
Support:S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
What you can benefit: recording a video while you are watching another online videos at the same time.
Support:S805 4.4/S805X 7.1/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
New Firmware support only S805X/S905X/S912/cost on demand
PiP (Picture in Picture)
Support on T962/Source code – on demand
API for GPIO/RS232
Control GPIO of some interfaces, for example, Rjp, Rj12, Rj11, USB etc. to achieve the features you would like to have. RS232 command for box operation can be ctrap.
API for Rotation
This is more for Digital Signage/ touch screen, display can be flexible.
Remote monition SDK
TR069. To control upgrade,remove/add apk into box remotely.
Playready/Widevine/Verimatrix/Pro:idiom are all world-famous DRM systems which are used for protecting copyrights and contents of DTV, IPTV etc.
Playready/Playready TVP
Support: Playready+Smooth streaming and Playready+Hls protocol/S805 4.4/S905X 7.1/S912 7.1
To successfully integrate Playready, you need to have your own player and a strong FW team to support related technical issues.
Widevine (Level 1 and Level 3) We can provide demo code to show you how to inject data to Pro:idiom
shipset.We have widevine DRM level one(highest level) sample code inside the FW, which can prevent the boxes installed another FW or replaced the FW.
If someone tends to use another FW with the box which has widevine certification, the box will not work.
Widevine certification (level three FW) is free. PS: No guarantee with the security, FW can be replaced, easy to be attacked by hacker.
Widevine certification (level three FW) is free.PS: Noguarantee with the security, FW can be replaced, easy to be attacked by hacker.
Verimatrix/Verimatrix advanced
Support: Android/linux
We can provide demo code to show you how to inject data to pro:idiom shipset.