OEM & ODM Service

Geniatech offers OEM & ODM service for smart set-top boxes include Android IPTV OTT STBs, Hybrid STBs with a full range of digital TV Tuner support. The output resolution of Geniatech smart STBs ranges from dual core 1080p, quad core 1080p to Octa core 4K UHD. The main features of Geniatech STBs are the support for DRM, CAS, and Middleware, and based on Android and Linux.

Our ODM Service include:

  • 1. PCBA Design
  • 2. Houding Design
  • 3. Logo Prining on housing, Remote Control
  • 4. Customize Package include customized user manual, gift box, quik guide
  • 5. Software Customlization: Booting image, UI, App, Function and so on. >> Learn Customized UI from Geniatech

The schedule of OEM Project

1. Hardware and Packing Design and Print

Geniatech Focus on the Android TV Boxes OEM and ODM service since 2010, so we have accumulated a lot of OEM and ODM customization experience, if you want to develop your Android TV Box and Windows Mini PC business, you may consider to have these box with your exclusive brands. Geniatech can help you to complete it.

2. Pre-install APK

Each area have their famous and popular APK, like in USA, hulu Plus, Netflix, BBC AirPlay in UK Like showbox, KODI, Sling TV, HBO, Yutube, Skype, NBA, so we can help to pre-install your APK before good shipment and customer can enjoy the streaming immediately. No need to download and install each apks

3. KODI/XBMC Add-on

KODI media center is pre-installed on each of our boxes. We always install the most up to date compatible version of KODI and Android firmware on every one of our Android TV Boxes before shipping. KODI opens the doors to virtually endless Free TV and Movies. KODI 16.0 is customized with the easiest settings for instant use right out the box. Each of our boxes is opened and powered on to complete the settings and ensure 100% functionality!

All the best KODI add-ons, plugins, and scripts are pre-installed and configured for plug-and-play use. We include popular add-ons to suit all your viewing preferences! Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on-demand or watch your favorite sports live! There’s just too many possibilities to list!

4. OTA Update and server established

Right now customer can update the firmware by PC, by USB and By OTA

By PC Upgrade :

You need to install the update tool: USB-Buring-tooling
Open the upgrade tool, import the buring package, press the machine reset button, connect computer by USB, it start to upgrade when read the update package, When the Upgrade process bar is 100%, upgrade process is complete.

By USB Update :

Setting -Other-System update
Select the update package and choose Wipe Data and Wipe Media, then you will start the update process

By OTA Update :

Some of our customer want the Android TV Box to update the firmware automatically once it detect there is a new firmware show on its server. That is a good question and we have help our customer to establish their own server environment to support this OTA update. We will give you the server establishment instructions document to guide you how to set up successfully one by one

5. SDK provide and Special function support

For some customers they have the ability to development their own firmware, we will provide them the whole SDK, so customer can change the Booting image, Booting animation, UI and the whole constructure by themselves

We have cooperated with some Solution provider to do the Hotel TV project, what is most, they need the HDMI CEC function. What is the HDMI CEC Function? CEC mean Consumer Electronics Control

like controlling our TV Boxes with your TV’ s remote control, but please make sure that the TV also need have the CEC function. So we will discuss with our customer and try our best to meet their some special firmware Requirement

For all the Android TV Box and MINI PC OEM and ODM project, Geniatech will keep all of the customer info and brand’s info confidential. Will not release it to any third parties.


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