Geniatech presents RISC-V innovative products at edgetech+west2024

Recently, Geniatech has successfully launched a brand new Raspberry Pi like product based on RISC-V chip from StarFive, which will be debuted at edgetech+west2024 in Osaka, Japan.

RISC-V, as an emerging instruction set architecture, has triggered extensive attention and research worldwide due to its open, flexible and efficient features. Capturing this technological trend keenly, Geniatech has worked hand in hand with StarFive for in-depth research and development to launch this innovative Raspberry Pi like product.

This product not only inherits the compactness and powerful functions of Raspberry Pi, but also realizes a better balance of performance, power consumption and cost by virtue of the advantages of RISC-V chip. It can be widely used in a variety of application scenarios, such as smart home, IoT devices, education, and small development projects.

Geniatech has always been committed to technological innovation and product optimization, and the launch of this new product is another important achievement of its continuous exploration in the field of science and technology. The company’s R&D team overcame many technical difficulties in the project, and carefully optimized and debugged the chip to ensure that the product can run stably and bring excellent experience to users.

At the upcoming edgetech+west2024, Geniatech will showcase this new Raspberry Pi like product to the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to feel and experience the latest product up close and personal, and learn about its advanced technical features and wide range of application prospects. It is believed that the debut of this product will attract the attention of many people in the industry, and win more attention and cooperation opportunities for Geniatech in the international market.

In the future, Geniatech will continue to increase its investment in the RISC-V field and continuously launch more innovative and competitive products to contribute to the development of the technology industry.

For more details about XPI-7110, please visit Geniatech official website:

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