Why choose Geniatech for your Hotel

Give your guests a new TV Experience on your premises. With Geniatech’s Hotel IPTV Solution (Full support in hardware & software), you can offer HD and UHD Live TV Channels and Movies, on-demand and time-shifted content, targeted ad insertion, and other advanced video services.

What advantages does Geniatech have for hospitality IPTV
Hotel TV is Complicated !
1. TV=Channels+VOD
2. IPTV, OTT, Cable TV, Satellite TV, FTA, very a lot
3. TV set becomes a display now
4. Pro:idiom IPTV and cable TV
5. Geniatech provides many player SDK: IPTV, Cable TV and FTA
WiFi, Not Just a Service
1. Better WiFi coverage
2. Separate VLAN for each room
3. Remote WiFi power, landing page, SSID, password and channel management
4. STB+Router two in one, saving cost
Open for Future IoT Applications
1. Better WiFi coverage
2. Separate VLAN for each room
3. Remote WiFi power, landing page, SSID, password and channel management
4. STB+Router two in one, saving cost
Push Other Contents to TV
1. Android App is easy to develop
2. Geniatech customizes Android to be used for such application
3. Geniatech provides full SDK for control Android to be managed
Remote design for universal control
1. IR learning remote + STB remote
2. Hotel logo on top
3. BT Omnidirectional remote
Special Connectivity for Hotel user case
1. POE option: Power over Ethernet
2. VESA mount bracket
3. HDMI CEC control by app
4. IR blaster and MPI for non CEC TV
5. Docsis connectivity to the CMTS
Screen Casting: Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast
1. Apple Airplay: mirror and cast but only for iPhone
2. Netflix casting to Chromcast
3. Miracast is going down and down Conclusion: Chromecast dongle is the best for casting
Watchdog for always-on and 7*24 working
1. Hardware watch dog on board can monitor system working status, when OS is halt, watch dog can cold reboot the system
2. Watch dog has a timer inside can schedule reboot /shutoff/power on the system as well
3. Full SDK for watch dog can be provided by Geniatech
OS Update and Remote Access
1. Update from local network server and cloud server
2. Mobile device management system can minimize the maintainers efforts
3. Diagnostics access remotely from cloud, app management remotely
Alexa and Google Home
1. Voice command is getting closer to hospitality
2. Android based STB is the best easiest platform for such service integration
3. Alexa is built in the system of Hotel
4. Geniatech also can provide Microsoft LUIS integration service
Special API/SDK built for hospitality software developers
IPTV/OTT player SDK, support subtitles & self defined DRM.
Full SDK/API for TV tuning and channel zapping, easy to make PIP/Overlay UI.>> More SDK/API from Geniatech
Custom-tailored Hotel TV Solutions
Professional Hotel TV Solution specifically designed to thrive in the Hospitality market.
Interactive Hotel TV System helps you deliver an outstanding customer experience.>> Learn more Geniatech Hotel TV System

Hospitality Demands

1. IPTV+OTT+DTV: flexible combination
2. WiFi: Router, firewall, managed SSID/PW,bridging, landing page change
3. Screen Sharing: Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast
4. Push Contents
5. Remote Access MDM
6. Managed Android System
7. No Playstore
8. Hide Android
9. Online Update
10. Learning Remote
11. VESA Mount
12. POE and Docsis
13. HDMI CEC, IR blaster, MPI
14. Open for IoT, Zigbee, Zwave, BLE
15. Alexa Skills for voice control the box
16. Hardware watchdog
17. Capable for Google Voice Assistant

Hotel IPTV Set Top Box

We offer hotel tv box with our interactive TV system running on Android as an integrated product.

Entry Level 7×24


Geniatech ATV395X3 is powered by Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, support DLNA streaming, has various connectors including the widely used industrial connector RS232.

Resolution: UHD 4K2K
Processor: Quad Core
Memory/Storage: 2GB, 8GB(Optional 16G)
Connections: Wi-Fi/BT/LAN
Dimensions: 115x114x27mm
OS: Android 9.0

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Dual HDMI Output Box


Geniatech ATV1660K is a Android powered Dual HDMI output box, Support HDMI input & CEC, it is able to display different or same Full HD video to 2 different display.

Resolution: UHD 4K2K
Processor: Quad Core
Memory/Storage: 2GB, 8GB
Connections: Wi-Fi/BT/Gigabit LAN
Dimensions: 195x146x12.8mm
OS: Android 7.1

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HDMI-in + CVBS-in + DTV


Geniatech ATV1815H Quad Core with HDMI-in & CVBS-in & DTV Tuner enables you to receive digital TV signal (ATSC/DVB-T2) optional or Analalog TV signal.

Resolution: UHD 4K2K
Processor: Quad Core
Memory/Storage: 2GB 8GB
Connections: Wi-Fi/BT/LAN
Dimensions: 134x106x10mm
OS: Android 7.1

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