APC1295 ARM PC Multimedia Gateway

An industrial PC


The APC1295 is an industrial-grade design with a metal body for excellent heat dissipation and a rich interface that allows it to be used as a WiFi router.With four external antennas, the signal sent out covers a wide range.

Rich interface design

Good heat dissipation performance

The fuselage is made of metal, and the wavy design on both sides greatly increases the thermal surface area of the fan

high performance

Adopts Realtek RTD1295 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
Excellent audio/video codec capability
HDMI IN up to 4Kx2K
HDMI IN up to 4Kx2K
ARM T820 MP3 (3-core) GPU

WiFi router/extender

The APC1295 has four WiFi antennas as well as one WAN port and one LAN port.Can act as your home WiFi router,It can also be a WiFi extender for WiFi networks.

Support the same screen display

Open the PIP APP in the system, which can support picture in picture to meet your various needs for display screen

HDMI inputs

The APC1295 includes an HDMI input port to which you can connect another media device and view it as a picture in a picture or in full screen without having to connect the device to your TV

Remote Device Management System (MDM)

Support remote diagnosis of problems, remote control of online equipment.Support for remote management of content distribution, application deployment and service push.

Support APP customization, SDK secondary development, to give you more choices.

Multiple application scenarios

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