Linux XBMC System For Geniatech M3 Models

Here is the URL of Linux XBMC system for Geniatech M3 models:

Download and unzip above file, you will find two files, one is SPI update_spi_mc_xbmc_20130306.img, one is firmware update.img. Copy them to SD card or USB disk, connect to the M3 and run Upgrade app, choose local update, and select SPI to update first, then, do the same steps to update firmware.After finished, it will restart the box, and you will see XBMC screen(only).

If you want to go back to Geniatech’s android firmware, please do as below.

1.Find M3’s SPI and firmware from .Download SPI and firmware without decompression, copy them to SD card or USB disk, change the file extension from .zip to .img, than means you need update_spi_M3_201201208.img and update_M3_20121208.img.

2.Connect SD card or USB disk to the box.

3.Press and hold the upgrade/reset button on the box.

4.Plug the power adapter.

5.Hold the upgrade/reset button for 5 seconds.
till see upgrading screen(recovery mode).


6.Loosen the button and press up/down on remote control to choose Apply update->SD card or USB disk, select the SPI file to update frist.

7.After the upgrade is complete, reboot the system and do the same steps to update firmware.

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