RK3399 ARM Motherboard for Smart Display

RK3399 High-performance development board


K2-3399 is a Rockchip RK3399 super performance 4K development board, integrating HDMI OUT, LVDS/EDP mainstream display output interface,support multi-screen display/splicing display and adding HDMI IN (4KP30), LTE (4G), Tuner, GTIOT, RS232, WDT One-stop service with POE, supporting multiple functions and meeting the needs of more developers in different scenarios

Diversified functions and strong performance

Multiple Video interfaces Multiple Video modes

variety of digital TV reception

Personalized customization

Versatile and powerful

  • Support LTE (Mini PCIE interface/global standard) to meet outdoor network coverage
  • Dual-band dual-antenna design to improve the transmission speed and stability of WIFI+BT work
  • At the same time, BT5.0 meets the performance of the IOT
  • Support 1000M LAN
  • Support 1*USB3.0+2*USB2.0;
  • Support standard RS232+GPIO, diversified applications
  • Built-in WatchDog&RTC,7*24H Stable and unguarded
  • 1*3.5mm headphone/microphone port + 2*8Ω5W stereo speaker port
  • OS:Android10.0/Linux

Multiple video Interfaces

*HDMI IN and HDMI OUT can choose one of the two functions when the structure is limited; the two functions can coexist at the same time without considering the structure.

Multiple video modes

Support multi-screen simultaneous display, multi-screen different display, multi-screen rotation splicing, picture-in-picture and other display methods

Multi-screen simultaneous display mode
Multi-screen display mode
Multi-screen splicing mode (support horizontal screen / vertical screen rotation)
picture-in-picture mode


The main board integrates POE interface, with POE module board (802.3at), rational use of network channels, provides redundant link utilization, and relieves the troubles of power wiring for customers in special environments.

Support multiple optional wireless protocols

Support multiple optional wireless protocols

Z-WAVE / ZIGBEE / LoRa / LTE / GPS / WiFi / BT5.0

personalized customization

Optional hardware configuration


Provide SDK secondary development

customers can compile sensitive requirements by themselves

MDM customization (remote device management)

remotely collect device status information and control the device(update firmware, uninstall/install APK, restart, standby/wake up, real-time advertising…)

APP customization

easy to realize customer’s customized requirements, safe, fast and low-cost.

Application scenarios

Commercial display, digital signage, smart home, video conference…

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