Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an exciting new way to advertise your business or service. These cutting edge communication networks allow you to create and deliver timely, targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your audiences without your budget taking a painful hit.
The digital signage industry has evolved from Windows PC to non-PC playback devices over recent years, driving down costs whilst increasing functionality and reliability.

Benefits of using a smart digital signboards and media player
Ease of development
Bases on Android, and CTS test in our lab, we can provide you a platform full compatible with standard Android.

Both the hardware and kernel/framework/driver/Uboot are strengthen for 7X24 usage, some model even with WDT.

For video decoding, top level Android media player can playback 4K H.265 video without using CPU, and fully HTML 5 compatible

Compare to the X86 based media player, our player is less than half price, that is a significant difference for entry level projects.

As a customized version, customers can get Secure boot Android as well as disabling app store and other safety related staff.

Hardware Quality
Unlike other consumer Android devices, our box made of high grade materials and with burning test 4 hours before shipping.

What we can do for digital signage
Android Media Player
Fully designed product lines for commercial use Android and Linux based media players.

Android Tablet
Various high quality Android touch screen with bigger size for POS, Kiosk, etc.

Digital Signage System
Professional Digital signage solution specifically designed to thrive in the display market.

>> Learn Geniatech Digital Signage Solution.

Rich features for signage
HDMI input with PIP (picture in picture) and overlay.
Digital TV feed.
Dual HDMI output with different display, 1080P pixel-pixel display, Vertical display.

Special API built for signage
We created more than 20 kinds of APIs with SDK support, like CEC, IR blaster, RS232, hiding status bar, turn on/off wifi/ethernet, HDMI input handling, TV tuner handling, switch off display, control the CPU speed, etc.

>> Learn more API from Geniatech

Support for the latest Android releases.
Fully kernel and driver level support.
Easily adaptable to multiple projects without in-depth re-coding.

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Single Core
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Cota Core
CPU Frequency
Internal Memory
512MB DDR3
Internal Storage
Android 4.2
Android 4.4
Android 5.1
Android 6.0
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