XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH successfully conclude investment round and launch strategic IoT partnership

XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH successfully conclude investment round and launch strategic IoT partnership

Jan.04,2018   |   Ken

GENIATECH have successfully concluded an investment in XTERCONNECT SAS, becoming a shareholder and a strategic partner for IoT.

XTERCONNECT will develop and offer secure IoT products, services and solutions, for the B-2-B professional market based on a strategic partnership with GENIATECH, supported by its 500 strong team, international offices, R&D centres and recently much expanded production facilities.

XTERCONNECT, an IoT innovation and solutions company based in southern France developed and launched a secure IoT solution based on a module, easy to integrate with any legacy or new professional IoT sensors and devices, allowing them to seamlessly connect to any IoT network and cloud platform.

Through its global network of partnerships, XTERCONNECT will not only deliver secure IoT products but provide solutions based on fully managed or white label IoT cloud services.

GENIATECH, a Shenzhen based company established for more than 20 years and highly respected for its innovation, R&D and delivery of quality products, sharing a common vision has now become a strategic technology, development and manufacturing partner as well as an investor for XTERCONNECT to drive fast growth of secure IoT solutions.

The companies have established a long-term strategic roadmap for development of secure products and solutions targeting the wider IoT market, more details will be released in early 2018.

XTERCONNECT founders said: “We are very excited to have closed this investment round and to enter into a long term strategic partnership with GENIATECH, together we look forward to focusing on delivery of 4 elements which we consider as key drivers for the future of IoT; Security, Simplicity, Quality and Green.”

GENIATECH President Mr Fang said: “Based on our joint skillset and experience, we believe we can propose the right solutions to make IoT safer and simpler, which is more important for B2B IoT given that we’ve yet to see such solutions in the market.”

For more information please contact:

Xterconnect at info@xterconnect.com

Geniatech at emily.zhou@geniatech.com

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