XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH partner to provide secure IoT solutions

XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH partner to provide secure IoT solutions

Sep.13,2017   |   Ken

XTERCONNECT and GENIATECH partner to provide secure IoT solutions

XTERCONNECT has partnered with GENIATECH to jointly innovate, develop, manufacture and provide secure Industrial IoT solutions.

XTERCONNECT, an IoT innovation and solutions company based in France has developed and launched a secure IoT solution based on a module, easy to integrate with any legacy or future professional sensors, allowing them to seamlessly connect to any IoT network and cloud platform.

Through its global network of partnerships,XTERCONNECT will deliver fully managed or white label secure IoT cloud services, gateways and devices.

GENIATECH, a Shenzhen based company established for more than 20 years and highly respected for delivery of quality products,sharing a common vision, will become a strategic technology, development and manufacturing partner as well as an investor,allowingXTERCONNECTto drive fast growth of secure IoT solutions.

Service Providers are creating new value and revenue by capitalizing on their existing customer base and evolving to offer new IoT services, which require strong partnerships and support from across the industry for continued delivery of products, services and security. XTERCONNECT positions itself perfectly as a solutions partner in this value chain by bridging products, services and security.

XTERCONNECT founders said: “We are very excited to enter into this long term strategic partnership and to welcome GENIATECH as an investor, a company and team which we highly respect for their knowhow and delivery of quality as well as a shared vision of a secure future IoT”

GENIATECH President Mr Fang said: “We believe this is the right time for our strategic partnership to enable secure end-2-end solutions in IoT and we believe that jointly with XTERCONNECT we can create value for Service Providers”

For more information please contact:

Xterconnect at info@xterconnect.com

Geniatech at emily.zhou@geniatech.com

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