Utilizing Geniatech Android based products for digital signboards and media player

Utilizing Geniatech Android based products for digital signboards and media player

Oct.08,2015   |   Ken

Still using a PC with Windows or Linux (cheaper) for your digital signage solution? If your answer is yes, then you need spend more time on reading below texts, you will get more confidence to use our Android based products for your digital signage.


What are the key factors to a digital signage player? Geniatech is focus on below items to ensure our products meet the demand for digital signage:

1.Ease of development: bases on Android, and CTS test in our lab, we can provide you a platform full compatible with standard Android

2.Stability: both the hardware and kernel/framework/driver/Uboot are strengthen for 7X24 usage, some model even with WDT. Compared to X86 based player, our player is fan-less, no hard drive, less power consumption, has much longer MTBF.

3.Cost: compare to the X86 based media player, our player is less than half price, that is a significant difference for entry level projects.

4.Performance: for video decoding, top level Android media player can playback 4K MPEG4 video without using CPU, and fully HTML

5 compatible, quad core CPU up to 2Ghz frequency, performance is not a big deal for standard digital signage applications.
5.Flexibility and connectivity: All of our media players has at least two USB 2.0 ports and SD/TF slot, some of them have RS232, HDMI input, even dual HDMI output, there is no issue for the connectivity.

6.Constance of upgrading: Geniatech as a company focus on developing Android platform for industrial usage since 2009, we maintain longer Android build and with deeper customization on the version we are using.

7.Security: as a customized version, customers can get Secure boot Android as well as disabling app store and other safety related staff.

8.Hardware quality: Unlike other consumer Android devices, our box made of high grade materials and with burning test 4 hours before shipping.


Other featured specifications very important to digital signboard and digital signage:

1.HDMI input with PIP (picture in picture) and overlay: you can use external STB and Blue-ray DVD player as the video feed, and put your contents (texts, pictures, or even a video from local or web) around the feeding video window. Or, use the video feed in as the background, pop up messages over the video in half transparent color.

2.Digital TV feed: similar to the HDMI input feed, we have different kinds of digital TV tuner receivers, you can use the DTV feed as one of you contents and put all contents together, PIP and overlay whatever you want.

3.Dual HDMI output with different display: One of our box can support two separate HDMI output, with different display contents, and both of them can have 1080P video played back at the same time.

4.1080P pixel-pixel display: a lot of Android boxes have1080P output, but it is scaled up from 720P. We have special firmware support true 1080P display which enlarges display pixels 4 times.

5.Vertical display: Many signage board are 6:19 not 16:9, that is to say, need a special firmware that can support rotating the display, we made that happen as an option already.

6.Geniatech generated APIs: We created a lot of APIs when Android doesn’t give the ability to control the system to have certain functions, like CEC, IR blaster, RS232, hiding status bar, turn on/off wifi/ethernet, HDMI input handling, TV tuner handling, switch off display, control the CPU speed, etc, more than 20 kinds of APIs with SDK support from Geniatech.

One more thing, if you are still willing to use your current signage application for it has been using for years and you can not or don’t want to change it, Geniatech has a cost effective solution for you, fan-less, Intel 3735 based, full linux and Windows 8.1 support, industrial level player, just in case.

Products can be used for digital signage boards:
Basic model: www.geniatech.com/pa/apc380.asp
HDMI input with IR blaster model: www.geniatech.com/pa/apc1810.asp
TV tuner model: www.geniatech.com/pa/atv1820.asp
Basic HDMI input model: www.geniatech.com/pa/apc390.asp
Dual display model: www.geniatech.com/pa/apc1660.asp
Or just contact as anytime: sales@geniatech.com, we happy to support you.

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