Digital Signage Solution

Geniatech Digital Signage System Introduction

Geniatech digital signage system is a large multimedia Internet-based Broadcasting System. It provides real time editing, distribution, broadcast in all compatible mediums, remote system management and monitoring of the system all in one system.

Geniatech digital signage system consists of a Console; Digital signage player; Digital signage server; Cloud, professional large screen displays and Digital signage update servers.


Digital Signage Features:

Create a program (android player)

Program production, editing, preview, quick release (Support applications include: audio, pictures, videos, web pages, instant messages, text, digital clock, weather, two-dimensional code, such as plug-ins, e-book and a camera plug-in development )

Program & Models Management

Program Management, templates and data upload/download

Device Management

Terminal monitor, play, pause, stop, remote screenshots, play an emergency message, cancel the remote message playback, turn off the monitor, turn on the monitor, restart, automatic upgrades, equipment, sorting, renaming the device, device management

User Management

The user can control all user access by creating a management unit, administrative users, user permissions and distribution of all content.

Create a schedule

Normal mode release schedule (specified time to play), fast mode release schedule (loop mode playback program)

Schedule management

All functions can be scheduled including edit and deleting , preview, import/exporting of schedules and posting of the new schedule. The user can remotely check the schedule, its content to be viewed, distribution of schedules, ordering of equipment.

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