Smart Farming

IoT is bringing revolution to almost every aspect of our lives by changing how we do things. The use of Smart IoT devices is on the
rise with all the industries heavily investing in IoT. The main aims of investing in IoT are to improve operations
efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce the costs of production. The Agricultural industry is
among the industries seeking to reap the benefits of IoT. The use of IoT in agriculture is commonly referred to as?
Smart Farming or Smart Agriculture. It uses various? IoT sensors?to send the farm’s data,
like humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc. to the cloud which can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.


Smart Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses relied on manual interventions to control environmental parameters for the growth of crops. However, manual interventions have disadvantages such as energy loss and production loss. Smart greenhouse solves these issues by use of IoT systems by monitoring and controlling aspects such as temperatures, luminosity, soil and mineral content, and humidity. Using the collected data, optimal plant growth conditions can be maintained to ensure maximum production. The actuators are controlledautomatically to control the conditions by performing actions like opening a window, turning on the lights, and controlling the heater and fan, among others.

Smart greenhouses also help in reducing wastage smart agriculture using IOT. By monitoring moisture content, the right amount of water can be used for irrigation and this prevents wastage, the same case applies to soil mineral content as the right minerals in the right amounts are used. This reduces wastage and maintains a balance that is best for crop growth.

Geniatech Projects on Smart Greenhouse

System Description

For a smart greenhouse lighting you will need those components

  • • Smart gateway for connecting the cloud via WAN (LTE etc) and different nodes( Sensors and controllers)
    For need many local edge computing works, and many connections for different sensors controllers, the gateway (also called Hub) is very important to be capable to take such an important role.
  • • Smart LED grow light controller (BLE module+ LED driver)
    This is typically connected via a BLE and serial connection.
  • • Controller software to manage lighting configurations
    This software is a demo which can talk to the cloud and send the commands and getting data from sensors or to controllers. We have two software, one is a portal and also apps running on mobile phone.
  • • Lighting sensor
    This will allow the system to be automatically managed based on actual climate, shadows and transmittance rates your plants are receiving.

Products, technology, know how and services Geniatech can provide

Geniatech: Linking the gap between your demand to a full IoT solution

Our team provides comprehensive IIoT development services to ready to deliver projects, simple the development procedure, fasten the time to market and lower the TOC for an industrial IoT solution.

Reference & Know how ready to start
Our team every year creates many reference products,
projects, platform and demo solutions for different
industries, and we pre-study the solutions for the future
demands, bases on these readiness, customer can lower
the risk and evaluate Geniatech’s capability quickly and
Internet of Things Node Development
We create complete software ecosystems for the Internet
of Things solutions — from mobile apps and cloud
infrastructure to low-level software that improves the
performance of smart devices and enhances sensor data
Cloud App Development
We leverage the rich functionality of Amazon Web
Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to create
scalable back-ends and web applications with complex
domain logic, replatform legacy systems and facilitate
firmware updates.
Mobile App Development
We offer mobile app development services to startups
and established businesses. Take advantage of our skills
to roll out your mobile products and accelerate enterprise
mobility initiatives!
Web App Development
If you seek professional assistance with your web
development projects, our team has the right competence
to build robust eCommerce solutions, mobile back-ends,
sleek data processing tools, infrastructure for IoT systems,
and more!
Electronics Prototyping
From Proof of Concept to prototyping devices using
off-the-shelf boards and enclosure, our expert IoT
development team will guide you through the laborious
hardware ideation process and create a software
infrastructure for your connected gadget.
Industrial IoT Consulting
We conduct business analysis to help small and medium
-sized companies identify workflow optimization
opportunities, present research findings and create
scalable and user-friendly software solutions ensuring
exponential growth.
Idea to product Development Services
Provides all-inclusive software development services for
startups that cover both technology and entrepreneurial
side: besides business analysis, coding and prototyping,
our team will consult you on presenting your project to
investors and fast-track your funding process with MVP
OS Update and Remote Access
1. Update from local network server and cloud server
2. Mobile device management system can minimize the maintainers efforts
3. Diagnostics access remotely from cloud, app management remotely
Dedicated Development & Staff Augmentation
Our team dedicated development center works with
companies looking to extend their on-board capacity
without the burden of hiring specialists in-house or
missing technology expertise for a specific long-term
Production and Manufacturing
We have our own pilot production and mass production
factories, we can fulfill both quick deliver and cost
optimization demands on small and big volumes.
Certification & testing
We offer a in-house testing program and out side 3rd
certification testing service for both new products and
even a prototype.
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