Video Capture

USB HD Hardware Encoding Capture Device For HDMI Input


HDCap U600 is an efficient HDMI capture box solution and digital video capture and playback for Mac, Android phones and Android tablets works with HDMI-enabled equipments,and capture HD videos up to 1280*720P@30fps, Easy to carry, easy to use, keep your favorite videos in your Android memory anytime and anywhere, and share them with your friends and social platforms (e.g., Wechat, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) anytime and anywhere. You can also connect it to cable/satellite set-top-box, gaming console and HD video record


HDMI to USB 2.0 HD Video Capture


1280x720P resolution Recording to PC or USB Device

With easy to use capture software, HD Cap U600can capture video in 720P resolution and stored in your PC or USB device.
You can also edit or even down-scale video to SD resolution if needed.

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