Video Capture


HD Cap MM5156 full HD Video capture card is an internal 1080P60 capture minicard (PCIe×1) for PC. It supports UVC and no need to install driver any more comparing with other capture cards in the market . Moreover, it is compatible with most third party media player,smoothly connecting with the mainstream broadcast platform which can transfer web broadcast, video conference and other application software like Skype,Facebook Live、YouTube Live、LiveStream、UStream、Dacast、Wowza Cloud. It works on Windows, MacOS,Linux,Android and other main OS.

Easy setup with PCI-Express interface, HDMI

hd cap MM5156

Supports HDMI full HD 1080P60 and 4KP30 input

With easy to use capture software, HD CAP MM5156 can capture video in 1080P resolution and stored in your PC or USB device. You can also edit or even down-scale video to SD resolution if needed.

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