Industrial Internet of Things Gateway


GTW390R is equipped with RTD1295 quad-core ARM A53CPU and T820MP3(3-core)GPU, with strong performance. It adopts wired, wifi, plus 4G module for networking and flexible networking. It also supports GT-iot module, which can be used for smart home, smart city, intelligent lighting and Bluetooth positioning.

Performance Configuration

  • REALTEK RTD1295 quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • Built-in DDR4 2 g
  • Built-in 16 g EMMC
  • ARM T820 MP3(3-core)GPU

Multiple Networking Modes

Support gigabit cable network, wifi, and 4G/LTE Internet access, as well as data transmission function.

Flexible Integration of Multiple Wireless Communication Protocols

The GTW390R integrates all possible combinations of ZigBee, Zwave, BLE, LoRa, 4G/3G/2G and Wi-Fi to enable remote data acquisition and remote control functions.

HDMI Inputs

The GTW390R includes an HDMI input port to which you can connect another media device and view it in picture in picture or in full screen. At the same time it also supports CEC function, with CEC function TV remote control to control GTW390R

Industrial Grade Structural Design

ABS shell is used for the upper cover, alloy material is used around the fuselage and bottom shell, the product is firm, reliable and light

Good Heat Dissipation Performance

Metal material is used around and at the bottom of the fuselage, with the corresponding heat dissipation hole, excellent heat dissipation performance.

Remote Device Management System (MDM)

Supports remote fault diagnosis and remote control of online devices Supports remote management of content distribution, application deployment, and service push

Personalized Customization

Support APP customization, SDK secondary development, give you more choices

Multiple Application Scenarios

It is widely used in intelligent home, transportation, energy and mineral resources, electric power, meteorology, industrial automation, finance, water conservancy, environmental protection, medical care, agriculture and forestry and other fields

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