DTV Netstream Air

Watch Live TV on Smart Devices

DTV Netstreamer Air is a network TV tuner for digital/cable television live on home network for all the Android Smart Devices and iPads.DTV Netstreamer Air connects broadcast TV to your router via WIFI and stream digital/cable television to your computers, tablets and smartphones. With a rooftop antenna, the computers can pick-up weaker signal and watch TV wirelessly in a Wi-Fi network.


Cable TV on Every Screen

With DTV Netstreamer Air, cable TV loses its restrictions at last: no longer stuck in a socket wired into the wall.Enjoy HD-quality cable TV on any screen in your home – whether on a tablet, smartphone.

Cable TV, Wirelessly

Forget about cabling – DTV Netstreamer Air makes TV simply part of your home network. Your devices can receive cable TV over your existing Wi-Fi network – anywhere in your home and even on your patio or in your garden.


Cable TV at Your Fingertips

DTV Streamer air includes free apps for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.Enjoy live TV in no time at all, pause the program you’re watching, and record the highlights really easily.


Hardware Transcoding & Amp; Award-Winning Software

Thanks to automatic hardware transcoding, DTV Netstreamer Air brings unencrypted HD channels directly to your tablet orsmartphone – without overloading your home network or mobile device.


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