New office with new vision, welcome to visit Geniatech at new office!

New office with new vision, welcome to visit Geniatech at new office!

Jul.05,2011   |   Monica

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New office with new vision, welcome to Geniatech!

Geniatech is pleased to announce that we have moved to a new office, resulting in an increase in office space, together with an upgrading of our infrastructure, which will provide better facilities and services for clients in the future.
  • Clients of Geniatech will benefit immediately from the move in having more meeting rooms, products showcases, show room and other better facilities.
  • The move is a sign of the business’s rapid develop-ment over the last few years and also fulfils a strategic objective to build capacity for the future.
In contrast to the old office, this building has a better view. You can have a bird’s eye view of the Nanshan District, including Shenzhen University, Hi-tech Park. The new location also offers more convenient parking and more space in the conference room to hold brain storms and meetings. So, come to visit us! Geniatech would like to extend an open invitation to all its clients to come a visit the new offices, to give us more improvement advice, and to get better experience and business corporations now and in the future.
The new office address is only 10 minutes walk from the Shennan Ave, standing out from hi-tech pack, in front of Shenzhen University and face to Shenzhen Software Park. Please check the following map for visiting.

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