Geniatech will unveil the Quad Core Android TV Box in the market

Geniatech will unveil the Quad Core Android TV Box in the market

Mar.23,2013   |   Monica

Hi, any one knows what is the latest quad core android tv box or tv stick?Where can I buy it? since now i haven’t heard of news about quad core series. Any store is selling?

In recent days,there are a number of quad core android mini pc or tv sticks hitting the market,comparing with the dual core tv sticks,there must have some improvements,I kind of expect to get one. How about its performance?Does it have WiFi signal problem?

Since then we have seen plenty of Android TV Boxes with faster processors, more memory and other improvements in the market, after successfully in dual core Android Box, Geniatech added the world’s first Quad Core CPU and Octa GPU Android 4.3 Geniatech ATV1800 Quad Core Box with highest performance, which features Quad-Cord CPU, 1.6GHz~2.0GHz, 2GB RAM, 8GB NAND Flash and an increased storage capacity and support for Android 4.3. besides, added ATV180 Quad Core Stick, ATV580 Quad Core Nano to Geniatech Android TV Box series.

As Mr. Fang, General Manager Geniatech already said,“Quad Core Android TV Box ATV1800 series will be still use amlogic chipset,first will be the OTT box last will be the HDD+Tuner.”

Other features of the new Geniatech ATV1800 Quad Core Box series built in bluetooth function,include RJ45 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity with ports for HDMI, S/PDIF, full-sized USB 2.0 ports, and micro 4*USB 2.0 port and both the Geniatech Quad Box Android TV Box will come pre-rooted and with XBMCmedia center preinstalled.It looks like Geniatech has dropped the VGA ports and composite and component video ports though, focusing on HDMI for video output,which is a set-top-box designed to bring Android apps to a TV.

Geniatech Quad Core Android Mini PC plays full-screen games in 3D smoothly with it’s quad core graphics processor. Geniatech delivers the web in a high definition experience that the entire family will enjoy. Stream movies from Netflix, YouTube and more in Full HD. Stay connected with all of your favorite social networking sites. Plug in a flash drive and watch movies and home videos in HD. Download free productivity apps from the Play Store and work from your couch! The Android TV Box Quad Core has been designed to transform your HDTV in to a smart Android TV capable of playing applications and a multitude of other features, such as surfing the web and connecting to your favourite social networks.

The Geniatech Quad Core Android TV Box ATV1800 series is available for pre-order via or this online Contact Form and and it’s also available for shipment right now.

About Geniatech (

Geniatech Inc. is one of the globally leading ODM/OEM Android TV Solution and Platform suppliers. Geniatech`s product and platform services portfolio encloses smart IPTV OTT/STB solution`s and as also smart hybrid OTT/STB solution`s with a full range of digital TV Tuner support. Our ODM/OEM service provide smart OTT / IPTV STB Design`s based on Android and Linux, this portfolio is available on both form factors, as Box, and as such as HDMI Stick. Geniatech Customer`s and Partner`s enjoy our advanced services in customization and development capabilities to support there ECO System at is best with such as: Industry Design, Hardware design, Electrical Design, Android/Linux software design and Middleware Integration, APP/APK Application Design and Development, Middleware / DRM Integration, e.g. Microsoft Playready, Verimatrix, Widewine Level 1/3 trusted video path and Manufacturing Services following international quality standards.

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