Geniatech will attend 2012 Autumn China Sourcing Fair from Oct 12th to 15th

Geniatech will attend 2012 Autumn China Sourcing Fair from Oct 12th to 15th

Apr.03,2013   |   Ken

The China Sourcing Fair is organized by Global Sources, a business-to-business trade media company that connects exporters from Asia and buyers from all parts of the world.Many buyers want to meet suppliers face-to-face before committing to buying a new product in bulk.

It is important to note that Geniatech, as a globally leading video streaming solution provider in China, will come to 2012 Autumn China Sourcing Fair from Oct 12th to 15th, at that time you and your company can meet Geniatech 6Q20 in Hong Kong,China, Welcome your arrival. Geniatech will mainly show our new hot and top-rated products including as follows:

The New Hot Products:

1. WiFi TV:
A small stand alone TV Tuner which connects worldwide TV signals and streams of live TV wirelessly to mobile devices in iOS/Mac OS/Android OS – the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone and Android tablet etc. Live TV can be watched through your home Wi-Fi network .

2. Pad TV:
A small size digital USB TV Stick that lets you watch DVB-T TV free on Android Tablet/Android Pad, this app is one of the best apps out there for watching your DVB-T favorite TV shows on Android. It turns your Android Pad into a high quality portable digital TV receiver.

3.Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV 120
Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 is packing a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 process, clocked at 1.5GHz,1GB of DDR3 RAM and Android 4.1.

The top rated Android TV Box:

1. Android TV MateAndroid TV Mate ATV200:
The ATV200, also called Android TV Mini WiFi TV box based on Android 4.1, which is built with camera, ARM Cortex A9*2, frequency 1.5GHz, RAM 1G, 2G-32G flash memory.

2. Dual Core Android TV Box ATV1600
ATV 1600 Dual Core Android TV box is with HDMI inputting. The box is using ARM Dual Cortex A9 CPU, based on Android 4.1 operating system, then you can surf the web, play games with Android directly in your TV!

3. ATV520 Dual Core Nano 4 ATV520
ATV 520 is the same appearance as the ATV510, the most different between them is that ATV520 is with ARM Cortex A9*2.

4. Hybrid TV box ATV1100B
Hybrid TV box ATV1100B is built-in TV tuner to receive digital TV including ISDB-T/ATSC/DVB-T2/DVB-S/DVB-S2/DMB-TH on TV.

The detailed trade show information about Geniatech, Please refer to 2012 Autumn China sourcing Fair.


About Geniatech:
Geniatech Inc., Ltd is a company mainly focusing on multimedia product on PCTV and Digital Video, the leader ODM/OEM Company for TV tuner, video capture and video converter devices, the pioneer who provide the Android TV Box and embed digital TV tuner in it.

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