Geniatech released newest Dual Core HDMI stick ATV120

Geniatech released newest Dual Core HDMI stick ATV120

Jan.16,2017   |   Ken

Right now it’s no good just having yourself a television, it’s got to be a smart one. What that means, “Smart” tends to indicate an ability to connect to the Internet in some way, here, Geniatech, the leader company of multimedia product, released the newest Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 which is packing a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 1GB of DDR3 RAM. The same appearance with HDMI Stick ATV100, but it is with Dual core ARM Cortex-A9 to make your TV smoothly and fluently.

This new Dual Core TV Stick ATV120 is tiny, but sophisticated micro-computer running the Android 4.2 operating system, which can not only connect your television to your home wireless WiFi network, but also supports USB external storage so you can store and replay content as you like. The main usage for Dual Core TV Stick ATV120 is in the living room: play movies and music, play games, stream HD video from the internet and Android applications and games can be downloaded from the internet. Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 has a Wi-Fi connection to the internet and an HDMI connection to a television – making every TV into a smart TV.


Technical description:
The Android Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 connects to the HDMI port of a TV. On the other side a USB port connects to an external mass-storage device such as a Disk-on-Key or USB hard disk drive. There is also a slot for a Micro SD memory card. A mini-USB connector is used for power. The Dual Core Android HDMI Stick ATV120 comes with IR remote control but can also operate with a wireless mouse or keyboard. An integrated WiFi 802.11n provides connection to the Internet.
With a size of only 72 x 35 x 11mm and a weight of 82g it can be easily carried while traveling and be used anywhere. It is true plug and play solution.

What can it do?
The main functions of the Dual Core HDMI Stick ATV120 is the same as of those of the Android TV box or the Google TV:
1.ARM CORTEX A9*2 ,frequency is 1.5GHz,RAM is 1G,built in 2G-32G flash memory and powered by Android 4.2

2.Surf the Internet with a full Android browser to access any website for entertainment, information or education.

3.Watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other video site or video-on-demand services.
4.Chat with Facebook or Twitter and use Skype for video conferencing (a USB camera is needed).
5.Accses the Android app-store to download, install and run the huge number of Android applications available.
6.Stream HD video, music and images from local memory or from any computer or mobile device at home (DLNA).

7. HDMI video output, connect HDTV with Dual Core HDMI stick ATV120 for HD 1080P video playback

8. Support weather, calendar and desktop clock gargets

9.Support Flash Player 10.2 for hardware dencoding, Flash 11.1 software decoding,online video playing

Remote Controls:
Many remote control options are available: IR remote, wireless mouse, mini-keyboard with touch pad, min-keyboard with flying air-mouse or an air-mouse (no keyboard).

About Geniatech:
Geniatech Inc., Ltd is a company mainly focusing on multimedia product on PCTV and Digital Video, the leader ODM/OEM Company for TV tuner, video capture and video converter devices, the pioneer who provide the Android TV Box and embed digital TV tuner in it.


Facebook: Geniatechglobal

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