Geniatech S805 Quad Core Box-Dongle 20150526 Firmware Update

Geniatech S805 Quad Core Box-Dongle 20150526 Firmware Update

Jun.01,2015   |   Monica

Geniatech released a new firmware 20150526 on OTA server for Quad Core device ATV585,ATV485,ATV225 and ATV185. If your box is working with last 20150211 firmware, once network connected, it will pop up a message to remind to update.
If you want to manually upgrade, please download below firmware file:
Do not need unzip, copy the file into external storage and connect to the device,run Upgrade app,select local update option and find the file to upgrade.


Fixed history base on last 20150211 firmware:
1.Fixed the TVbox crash problem while long pressing the power button.
2.Fixed the TVbox can not enter into recovery mode while insert the udisk.
3.Fixed audio and image not sync and not smooth occasionally problem while playing udp video circularly.
4.Fixed the TVbox can’t get the best resolution when connecting some televisions.
5.Fixed some televisions in the 480p and 480i formats can not support audio output.
6.Fixed IR remote control can not work normally after entering Gallery app.
7.Fixed display broken screen problem while playing 1080p h265 video.
8.Fixed when turning on/off Hide Status Bar option in the MboxSettings apk by mouse, the current display page will jump to Network page.
9.Fixed IOS8.3 device can not push video to TVbox via Airplay function.
10.Fixed no display problem when HDMI switches to DVI.
11.Fixed CEC function can not work.
12.Speed up the parsing time of HLS.
13.Fixed no image only audio and always appear “loading” status while playing some channels.
14.Fixed playing the live TV program of some apps occupy more than 90% of the CPU.
15.Fixed other bugs.

About Geniatech:
Geniatech Inc. is one of the globally leading ODM/OEM Android TV Solution and Platform suppliers. Our product and services portfolio encloses smart IPTV OTT/STB solution`s and as also smart hybrid OTT/STB solution`s with a full range of digital TV Tuner support. Our ODM/OEM service provide smart OTT / IPTV STB Design`s based on Android and Linux, this portfolio is available on both form factors, as Box, and as such as HDMI Stick. Geniatech Customer`s and Partner`s enjoy our advanced services in customization and development capabilities to support there ECO System at is best with such as: Industry Design, Hardware design, Electrical Design, Android/Linux software design and Middleware Integration, APP/APK Application Design and Development, Middleware / DRM Integration, e.g. Microsoft Playready, Verimatrix, incl. trusted video path and Manufacturing services following international quality standards.


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Facebook: Geniatechglobal

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