Geniatech MX ATV1200 ATV520 Android 4.1 20130115 Upgrading Instruction

Geniatech MX ATV1200 ATV520 Android 4.1 20130115 Upgrading Instruction

Jan.19,2013   |   Ken

Online upgrading:

If your box is working with Geniatech’s 20120918 (released version) or 20121114(testing version) firmware version, and the Automatic update option is selected by default in Upgrade app(if not, please select and restart the box), once the network is connected.

1.The system will ask you to update the system, this is a patch file.

Click OK to update and you will see the build number is 20121201 in setting->about media box after finished.

2.The box will download 20130115 firmware automatically. You can see a downloading icon in the right corner of the screen.

Click Yes to upgrade after downloading, then, the box will restart, and, you can find below information in setting->About MediaBox.

If your box is working with other firmware version, please update your box by manual, see the second part of Local update.

Local update:

Download two files of below:
Download files without decompression, rename to update_spi_MX_20130115.img and update_MX_20130115.img, copy them into SD card or USB disk, and connect to the box.
1.If your box is working with Geniatech’s 20120918 (released version) or 20121114(testing version) firmware version, run Upgrade app and choose local update, you will see update_spi_MX_20130115.img and update_MX_20130115.img.

Select the SPI file to update first, the box will restart after upgrading completed, then, run Upgrade->local update and select update_MX_20130115.img to upgrade.

2.If your box is working with Geniatech’s other testing firmware, later than 20121114, run Upgrade app->local update, you will see update_spi_MX_20130115.img and update_MX_20130115.img, select the SPI file to update first, it will not upgrade automatically and stop at recovery mode, see below picture.

At this time, please press up/down button on remote control to choose Apply update->SD card or USB disk, select update_spi_MX_20130115.img to update first. If you are using 2.4G remote control which has no up/down, please press page+/- button or connect a USB mouse and roll the wheel of the mouse.

After finished, press OK/Enter button on remote control to restart the box.

Then, run Upgrade app and do the same steps to update the firmware update_MX_20130115.img.
Changed log based on 20120918 firmware version:
1.Solved multiple characters problem of remote control.
2.Solved 2.4G remote control can not be detected sometimes.
3.Solved Mute problem.
4.Solved Mac address display bug.
5.You will get audio when you click” listen to an example “in setting->language&inout->Text-to-speech output.
6.Solved black screen problem while play mpeg audio files.
7.Solved some apps can not display as full screen.
8.Solved boot wizard can not be finished problem.
9.Solved IR remote control can not call soft keyboard in Browser.
10.”Help“ function is working in WiFi menu.
11.Support Spanish subtitles.
12.Optimised mkv, mov video playback.
13.Solved CVBS can not be switched to YUV bug.
14.Solved installation failed problem while installing apps in Google play store.
15.Solved no recovery screen on CVBS mode.
16.Deleted the black bar while exit online video playback with full screen.
17.Adding screenshots feature.
18.Adding volume +/- icon on the screen.
19.Adding “HDMI auto output mode” option in Setting->Display, the box will detect and display with the highest resolution to match your TV automatically.
20.Adding USB storage option in setting->storage.
21.Support VPN.
22.Press Zoom in /out button on remote control to Zoom in/ out the screen in angry birds.
23.You can locate the current position with Google Maps when Wi-Fi network is working.
24.Support live streaming playback.
25.Ethernet will be connected first when you turn on WiFi and Ehternet at the same time.
26.Support Skype video and audio call with external USB camera, confirmed Logitech c270, c370, c510, c200. If the VID PID of your camera is VID_0c45, PID_62f1, or VID_046D, PID_0825(Connect USB camera to PC, open Device Manager, find and double click the device, choose Hardware id), it should be supported on Geniatech box.
27.Support external USB Bluetooth dongle.
28.Pre-loaded Geniatech DLNA ( MediaCenter) app. You can install the other DLNA app (such as iMediashare ) on android phone/tablet to share files between android phone/tablet and box.
29.Adding Airplay function. Push local & online Video, Music and Picture from IOS devices (such as iPad, iPhone) to play on Geniatech box.
30.Support KR300FM remote control ( Audio input works ok, we are still working on audio output ) of Geanitech. You can enjoy audio call with KR300FM on Skype.
31. Enjoy 3G network when you connect external 3G dongle to Geniatech box, we tested and confirmed several models, such as ZTE MF110. If you have other models, please have a try.

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