Geniatech, M1 Android 2.3 20120606 Version Version Upgrading Instruction Released

Geniatech, M1 Android 2.3 20120606 Version Version Upgrading Instruction Released

Jun.06,2012   |   Emily

M1 Android 2.3 20120606 firmware works on Geniatech’s ATV1000/2000/3000/
4000/300/310/510 model with 512M or higher RAM. It is unstable on 256M RAM models.
Firmware URL:
Below one is for ATV1100T, DVB Player app is integrated in this version.
Download the file and don’t unzip, rename to update.img, all are small characters.
And, please check you did not hide the extension name of the file on PC.
1.If you are using android 2.3 (as long as the Uboot version is 20111102 or later one in setting->about device), please copy the file into SD card and insert to the box. Then, go to setting->privacy->update system to update firmware directly, the box will restart automatically after finished.
2.If your box is working with android 4.0 version, please copy the file into SD card or USB disk and connect to the box, then run Upgrade app (there is an Upgrade app icon on 4.0), select update.img file in local update option to upgrade.
3.After finished, you will find Uboot and Recovery version is 20120605, and the build number is 20120606.
Fixed problems based on Android 2.3 20120111 version.
1.Fixed green boot screen issue.
2.Added Set output mode option in recovery mode (press the upgrade button and plug in power adapter at the same time, hold for a while, you will see upgrading screen, this is recovery mode, then release the button), if your TV only has CVBS output, no HDMI or YPbPr, please enter into recovery mode, use remote control to select Set output mode option, and set the output mode to NTSC for 480i CVBS or PAL for 576i CVBS. If your TV supports both CVBS and HDMI, switch resolution to 480i or 576i in setting by HDMI or YPbPr, then, set the TV source to CVBS is also ok.
3.Added reboot option while press the power button.
4.Fixed the box will power off automatically when you press the mute button on remote control for a while.
5.No need to restart the box after switching the resolution setting.
6.Upgraded Google market to Google play store, and added region setting for Google play store in setting->display->set region.
7.Fixed the setting can’t be opened after changing the system language to Finnish.
8.Fixed HiDTV / DVB Player can’t record TV programs into external NTFS format USB HDD with Geniatech TV dongle (For ATV2000 / ATV1100T) .
9.Added Bluetooth option in setting->Wireless & network settings.
10.Supported Geniatech DVBT/T2 T220 model TV dongle.
11.Optimized network app.
12.Upgraded flash player 10.2 hardware decoding version.
13.Fixed the network doesn’t work after waking up from standby mode.
HiDTV app for V 20120606 firmware, this HiDTV doesn’t support previous android 2.3 firmware version.
Download and unzip it, you will find HiDTV_1.9.8.apk.

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