Geniatech launched Network DTV server

Geniatech launched Network DTV server

Nov.07,2016   |   qy

HD Satellite TV on smartphone, tablet and computer, SAT>IP receiver in your home
Forget about cabling, EyeTV Netstream 4Sat makes satellite TV simply part of your home network. EyeTV Netstream 4Sat receive satellite TV signal and transfer it through network, you can enjoy HD satellite TV on any smartphone, tablet and computer which are connected to your home network.

Free applications for iPhone, iPad, KindleFire and Android make setup a breeze and with 4 receivers, everyone at home can watch their favorite TV programs with EyeTV Netstream 4Sat. It also includes the award-winning EyeTV3 software for your Mac as well as Total TV for Windows. Your TV won’t be left out of action either, thanks to the SAT>IP standard, your big screen with certified HD receiver, will also be part of your new intelligent TV network.

Developer Board 4 is designed to support feature-rich functionally, better reliability, compatibility and expansion options for any industrial environment.

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