Geniatech Dual Core Box Android 4.1 20130805 Firmware Release

Geniatech Dual Core Box Android 4.1 20130805 Firmware Release

Aug.16,2013   |   Monica

Online upgrading:

If your dongle is working with Geniatech 20130506 ( previous released version) or later testing firmware version, and the Automatic update option is selected by default in Upgrade app(if not, please select and restart the dongle), once the network is connected, the dongle will download 20130805 dongle firmware automatically. You can see a downloading icon in the right corner of the screen.

Click Yes to upgrade after downloading, then, the dongle will restart, and you will find below information in setting->About MediaBox.
Uboot version: 20130805
Recovery version: 20130808
Kernel version: 20130805
Build number: 20130805

If your dongle is working with other firmware version and can not update firmware online, please update by manual. box

Local update:

Download above two files without decompression, rename to update_spi_MX_dongle_20130510.img and update_MX_dongle_20130506.img,.make sure you did not hide the file extension on your PC.

2. Copy them into TF card or USB disk, and connect to the dongle.

3. Run Upgrade app and choose local update, you will see update_spi_MX_dongle_20130510.img and update_MX_dongle_20130506.img.

4. Select update_spi_MX_dongle_20130510.img to update first, the dongle will restart after upgrading completed, then, run Upgrade->local update and update update_MX_dongle_20130506.img.

Changed log based on 20130128 firmware version:

1. Beautify mouse icon;
2. XBMC runs smoothly without black screen;
3. Fixed some apps can not be displayed with full screen;
4. Fixed launcher display problem;
5. Optimized the HDMI compatibility;
6. There is an Easy link option in setting menu to enable CEC function;
7. Wi-Fi can be connected properly after waking up from standby mode;
8. Video can be played properly after waking up from standby mode;
9. Fixed video aspect ratio problem;
10. USB storage still can be detected after waking up from standby mode;
11. .Improved online streaming video playback;
12. Fixed Audio output mode can’t be saved after restarting the dongle;
13. Optimized Netflix and YouTube video playback;
14. Fixed the error message that the system does not support Javascript on some websites;
15. Adding uInput for some 3rd party apps.
16. Adding downloading path in Upgrade app;
17. Fixed some other bugs.

Media Contact:

Facebook: Geniatechglobal

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