Geniatech ATV New Firmware(version:0730) Released!

Geniatech ATV New Firmware(version:0730) Released!

Jul.30,2011   |   Monica

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ATV New Firmware Released
• Enlarged the words in the setting menu

• Adding VPN function

• Control the voice directly by vol -/+ in “Mute” Mode

• Deepen the color of the icons in notification bar

• Add first boot wizard, including language/time zone selecting, and network setting.

• Move the HDMI switch function into the setting menu, and save your setting automatically

• Hide the notificationbar while playing video with video player on 1080P mode.

• Adding USB debug setting, allow ADB+ connection by Ethernet &WiFi

• Display IP address, Subnet Mask, route while connect to the Ethernet with DHCP.
• Display buffer while playing online video.

• Revise the bug that recycle bin appears when pressing F7&F9, press F2 to back to home interface.

• Display & modify MAC address in the dialog box of Ethernet.
• No need to reboot after Language changed. Desktop iconic characters will change together.
• Adding left/right mouse buttons and up/down/left/right buttons for cursor moving on IR remote control

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