Geniatech Android XBMC Ver12.2 Source Code Release

Geniatech Android XBMC Ver12.2 Source Code Release

Nov.12,2013   |   emily

XBMC, it allows you to play and view most videos, music, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.


The source code that makes XBMC is open for anyone interested, if you would like to research or DIY your XBMC on Geniatech android products, here is Geniatech Android XBMC Ver12.2 source code for reference:
Android XBMC Ver12.2

About Geniatech (

Geniatech Inc. is one of the globally leading ODM/OEM Android TV Solution and Platform suppliers. Geniatech`s product and platform services portfolio encloses smart IPTV OTT/STB solution`s and as also smart hybrid OTT/STB solution`s with a full range of digital TV Tuner support. Our ODM/OEM service provide smart OTT / IPTV STB Design`s based on Android and Linux, this portfolio is available on both form factors, as Box, and as such as HDMI Stick. Geniatech Customer`s and Partner`s enjoy our advanced services in customization and development capabilities to support there ECO System at is best with such as: Industry Design, Hardware design, Electrical Design, Android/Linux software design and Middleware Integration, APP/APK Application Design and Development, Middleware / DRM Integration, e.g. Microsoft Playready, Verimatrix, Widewine Level 1/3 trusted video path and Manufacturing Services following international quality standards.

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