Geniatech Android TV Box supports Airplay Password

Geniatech Android TV Box supports Airplay Password

Feb.28,2013   |   Ken

AirPlay is the technology used to stream media content from various Apple devices to other devices in your house, like pushing photo to TV and pushing internet video to TV or stereo system. AirPlay in general, and specifically for the Mac, has gotten a lot of extra attention lately, this article mainly talks about Geniatech Android TV Boxsupports AirPlay password.

Geniatech Android TV box supports network media share function, AirPlay allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos, together with related metadata between devices like iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone4 or later, new iPad, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and later, Any airplay ready application can share pictures and video by using airplay button.

By default, the Geniatech Android TV Box comes with AirPlay enabled and without password protection. This makes it easy to use: you don’t have to fiddle with any settings to get started with AirPlay.

Now AirPlay password is available for Geniatech smart TV box, usually in the home or in the hotel, when you have a airplay active, Geniatech supports pushing video to TV with password log in order to avoid to push video to neighbor’s room or pushing video to the next room in the same WiFi situation, only entering the same password, you can push video or photo to your TV. It’s so simple to protect your privacy with Geniatech Android TV Box.

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