About Geniatech

Founded in 1997, Geniatech is a global ODM / OEM manufacturer for smart TV and video platforms, we supply platforms, has realized innovative solutions from the industrial design in hardware and software for all operating (Windows, OSX, Apple TVOS, Android and Linux) & entertainment systems including smart & mobile TV platforms, IPTV / OTT middleware integration, APP / APK application Design and according to international standards certified manufacturing services. Geniatech supports its customers and partners ecosystems in more than 42 countries.

What we do…

Embedded R & D


  • – Android at Home accessory development
  • – Google TV accessory development
  • – Windows driver development
  • – Linux driver development
  • – Firmware development for media processor
  • – RF tuner hardware design
  • – Application software for video capture on Windows/Linux
  • – Android OS optimization for TV box
  • – Driver development for Android
  • – Applications/Software for Android2.2 and above
  • – Android-based Embedded System Development

  • – Customize Android for home NAS, IPTV, media center and HD TV boxes
  • – Digital TV reception on PC via USB/PCI-E interface
  • – Video converter between VGA/CVBS/S-video/HDMI
  • – Media players based on Amlogic/C2/Realtek/SigmaDesign/RockChip
  • – Network digital signage platform
  • – Digital TV reception with small to medium size TFT


Product Lines

  • – Android IPTV OTT STBs, Hybrid STBs, DVB STBs.
  • – HDMI Dongle, Digital TV Tuner
  • – Windows Mini PCs, Android Touch Screen Tablet
  • – Video Capture, Video Converter
  • – Development Board and Module

  • – Application and GUI
  • – In-house Prototyping,DFM
  • – Quick Turn/Short Run PCB Assembly
  • – Test Plan, Fixture Design
  • – Compliance Testing

  • – Low/Mid/High Volume Manufacturing
  • – ISO9100 Certified
  • – SIPOC Quality Processes
  • – 3C,CE,FCC Certification

Our History

  • OurHistory

    Company founded, specializing in video capture products, one of the earliest media solution supplier in China
  • OurHistory

    Set up its own global sales channel for TV + DV multi-media devices
  • OurHistory

    Present the first Hybird TV Tuner Card
  • OurHistory

    Developed the standalone TV box for watch TV on LCD/CRT without PC
  • OurHistory

    Released series of ISDB-T(SBTVD) USB TV tuner sticks
  • OurHistory

    Proposed the concept of Android TV box for home TV
  • OurHistory

    Produced the world’s smallest Android smart TV box and the world’s first Android Hybird smart TV box
  • OurHistory

    Produced MHL Android Dongle, successfully implement PlayReady to Android box and became PlayReady licensee
  • OurHistory

    Announced PadTV Tuner and Quad Core Android TV box with Android 4.4 OS
  • OurHistory

    Announced Industrial PC – Dragon Board and Net TV
  • OurHistory

    Announced Android TV box with Android 5.0 OS, Kodi with Tuner support and sharing TV channel, setted up Geniatech Europe GmbH in Germany and purchased EyeTV
  • OurHistory

    Announced Octa Core Box Android 6.0 TV Box and DTV Air

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • – To be a leading manufacturer in providing PCTV & multimedia related products and services. Designed for you, manufactured by us!
  • – To maximize a clients’ value by providing profitable and high quality products and services to our customers, to ensure that employees get both professional and financial rewards, to deliver unique values in PCTV, IT, Multimedia solutions & services and to incorporate business processes that adhere to industry standards.
Customers First

  • – Geniatech exists to serve customers, whose demand is the driving force behind our development.
  • – We continuously create longterm value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements.
  • – We measure our work against how much value we bring to customers, because we can only succeed through our customers success.
Core Values

  • – Our core values are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business.
  • – They are the internal driving force for the Company and are our commitment to the ecosystem.

  • – We can only succeed through teamwork.
  • – By working closely in both good times and bad, we lay the foundation for successful cross-cultural collaboration, streamlined inter-departmental cooperation and efficient processes.


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