Smart Healthcare

With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), the healthcare industry is benefiting from seamless connectivity and latest technology advancements. Be it equipment supplies, patient monitoring, drug delivery, remote surgeries or connectivity of doctors with patients, IoT is transforming healthcare in all possible areas.
Geniatech IoT smart Healthcare Solutions is constantly offering new tools as well as efficiencies that make up an integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better, health care costs are reduced significantly and treatment outcomes are improved.

Benefits of using IoT Healthcare Solutions from Geniatech
Reduced Cost
Costly hospital stays can be reduced by giving doctors the option to move patients to their homes and retain monitoring of their status by doctors.

Operational Efficiency
Medical staff can gain better access to the right equipment, supplies, and medication when needed.

Improved Patient Care
Medical providers can get the information they need when they need it. IoT makes it easier to integrate data from connected devices into medical systems.

Reduced Errors
Accurate collection of data, automated workflows combined with data driven decisions are an excellent way of cutting down on waste, reducing system costs and most importantly minimizing on errors.

Enhanced Management of Drugs
Creation as well as management of drugs is a major expense in the healthcare industry. Even then, with IoT processes and devices, it is possible to manage these costs better.

Improved Disease Management
When patients are monitored on a continuous basis and health care providers are able to access real time data, diseases are treated before they get out of hand.

What advantages does Geniatech have for Healthcare
Stability and security
Designed for 7*24, burning test for more than 4 hours, some model even with WDT.
as a customized version, customers can get Secure boot Android as well as disabling app store and other safety related staff

Flexibility and connectivity
All of our media players has at least two USB 2.0 ports and SD/TF slot, some of them have RS232, HDMI input, even dual HDMI output, there is no issue for the connectivity.

Constance of upgrading
Geniatech as a company focus on developing Android platform for industrial usage since 2009, we maintain longer Android build and with deeper customization on the version we are using

Gateway to transmit the data
Multiple communication interfaces and networking protocols(WiFi, BLE, ZigBee or others)

Store, process and analyze the data
Embedded and advanced platform to capture data, ingest it into data storages and keep it for further use or relay in real-time to endpoint devices.

IoT Modules
Reduce time to revenue with SoM modules with embedded Open APIs.

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