Geniatech Android TV New Android 2.3 Firmware Version.20120111 Released!

Android 4.0 Set Top Box

Geniatech released the new firmware of ATV series, the new frmware version 20120111 is base on Android 2.3, the improvements including:
1. Fixed jerky boot screen
2. Improved the Youtube video playback, 1080P videos work more smoothly.
3. Improved the local videos playback with video player.
4. Adding CVBS resolution output in setting as default(For the model with CVBS port)
5. Modified online update function. Update later firmware from internet directly is possible.

Download the upgradeing instruction ( PDF,45.9KB )


1. Update this firmware version base on previous any android 2.3(SPI must be 20111102) version directly is possible.
2. If your current firmware version still is android 2.2, please check below to update to this version
A: Check the android 2.2 SPI is 20110907 version or not (Uboot number is 20110906 recovery number is 20110907).
B: Update android 2.3 SPI to 20111102 this version.
C: Update this firmware version.
3. Latest HiDTV software APK is also avaliable. The version is HiDTV1.9.2. (Download and unzip it, you will find HiDTV1.9.2.apk)